Allows you to video chat whilst you watch, share and react to YouTube’s latest and best videos. Be together and it doesn’t matter where you are, you can chat and have fun! Gather round the TV without having to move anywhere, it’s now all in your phone.


Available on Android and iPhone, it’s been compared to other apps such as Ello, and Path. It allows you to keep in touch with friends and family whilst hashtagging and tagging. It also uses the traditional news feed like other large social media apps like Facebook and Twitter.


This app allows you to take a photo of your bookshelf and get the ebook and audiobook version and it’s free! You can download it on iPhone and Android, then make your own personal library online full of ebooks just like your one in real-life.

Adobe Scanner

The new, free adobe app is super clever, it can turn your device into a powerful portable scanner as it automatically recognises texts and can turn anything – from receipts to notes, providing users with high quality images of the text. It’s great for students who like writing their notes and then typing them up later – without the hassle.

Path Guide

A great new app that allows you to easily create and follow custom routes for indoor areas that exist. It is map-free and has a plug-and-play indoor navigation service. The app is built like its name, to guide your path – another good feature of it is that you can share your activities with friends and connects on the app!


Essentially, it’s a camera with fun ideas, much like Snapchat or Instagram Stories. This app allows the user to use the goofy camera filters to create lovely, funny photos and videos to share with all their loved ones. The user can choose to save the content or just simply delete it. It’s so much fun and free too.

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