Getting traffic on your website is what makes your business more successful. Ask any business owner  or marketer what makes businesses strive and they’ll reply, ‘more customers and exposure’. It’s what essentially is the make or break of your company. As well as expensive ways to increase it, there are so many free and easy ways to get your website out there too.


It doesn’t always have to be expensive to promote your website and company. There are so many ways to advertise your website, from simple word of mouth to posting on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. Retweet accounts on Twitter can highlight your wonderful website. They can reach hundreds and even thousands of followers meaning you get free advertising! Social media sites have recently integrated paid advertising that is available. It’s a great service that can allow your website to reach millions for not too much money. You’ve just got to be willing to pay the money.


The better SEO on your website, the higher it appears in the ranks on search engines. SEO can be improved from various plugins on WordPress or if you’re more computer-savvy you can do it yourself. The more visitors and views you get on your site, the higher it will go and the circle carries on from there. Find out more about SEO and plugins here.

Guest blogging

By constantly updating your site, it allows for more people to be able to access it. Having a blog really helps to adhere to a larger audience. If you write articles on relevant topics or the services you offer, you can be sure that you’ll start getting high volumes of traffic. Having a guest write an article for your blog then also branches out to their regular audience meaning you’ll get more traffic from it!

Faster loading

If you talk to any web developer they will tell you that one of the most essential things for your website is for it to be fast. Have you ever waited longer than a minute for a webpage to load? Probably not. It’s so much better for your traffic volume and visitors if you have great functionality of your site.

Be social

Much like advertising, being active on social media is great for your company or brand image. Replying to consumers and customers can show that you really care about their needs. Not only can you advertise your services but you can build up your image as a company, showing you care about your business..

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