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9 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress

WordPress currently runs over 66 million websites.  That’s around 17% of the entire world’s websites that are up and running thanks to the trusty platform. It has nearly 20,000 people making money...
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Cryptocurrency – A Short Introduction

Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin. Ethereum. Whether you've read an article online or heard one of your friends speak about the price, we've all heard one of them mentioned at some point, haven't we? Or for...
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Up and Coming Apps of 2017

Airtime Allows you to video chat whilst you watch, share and react to YouTube’s latest and best videos. Be together and it doesn’t matter where you are, you can chat and have fun! Gather round the...
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Easy Ways to Increase Traffic on Your Website

Getting traffic on your website is what makes your business more successful. Ask any business owner  or marketer what makes businesses strive and they’ll reply, ‘more customers and exposure’. It’s...
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